Lulu Smith

Lulu Smith Jewelry is the exploration of a colorist. An artist and designer, Lulu hand-pigments and hand-pours the resin in each piece. Simplicity and bold color outlined by sterling silver are the central elements of her distinctive style. What results from her craftwork and insightful energy is an ever-developing narrative between sterling silver shapes and an unlimited color palatte. Some of her jewelry features sensual, haphazardly poured color, some are complex, conceptual and exotic, while some just make you smile from the simple, happy visual impact.

Lulu had an early interest in jewelry and color. As a child, she vividly remembers her mother hand-dyeing wool to make folk art style rugs and talking to her casually about the importance of color in people’s lives. She discovered her affinity for adorning the body when she became preoccupied with sewing, making friendship pins and hand-braided bracelets as a young girl. This same obsessive habit had her signing up for metalsmithing classes while in high school and later for two apprenticeships with local jewelers while in college. She completed her BFA in 1995 with a double emphasis in painting and ceramics, not realizing at that time that jewelry was really her calling. Shortly after college, Lulu Smith Studio was created, selling to jewelry stores, American Craft galleries and to small design boutiques nationwide.

Over the last nine years, Lulu has continued to enhance her creativity and hone her skill. In 1999, she moved from her childhood home of Nebraska to Seattle, Washington to join the lively arts and metalsmithing community. Since that time, she has continued educating herself, taking classes at Pratt Art Center to gain a more intense understanding of techniques in metalsmithing as well as reading about fellow colorists such as Joseph Albers. She has served on the board of the Seattle Metals Guild, as well as aligned herself with the arts community by giving apprenticships to emerging metalsmith artists. She believes that staying involved in every way she can is central to the ongoing evolution of her work.

In August of 2005, she released over 60 new designs, this time turning to an emphasis on line and color instead of the painterly pours she had become so well-known for in the past few years. Her work has appeared in American Craft Magazine, Metalsmith Magazine, InStyle Magazine, and in early spring of this year graced the cover the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. New fans and collectors alike commission one-of-a-kind pieces from Lulu, often giving her carte blanche to create what she wishes.

Lulu Smith jewelry is currently sold at galleries, e-sites, musuem stores and boutiques such as, Walker Art Center, the International Metalsmith Exhibition Center, and the Museum of Contemporary Craft. Popular pieces include her backless earrings that glow like glass in the light, and her bracelets, which are her favorite thing to make.