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Apr 12 09

The Boss of You

by lulu

This is a concise, smart and pretty hilarious read for a business how-to book!   And the more I read the more I realized that it was really a great blue-print for laying the ground work for any small consumer based business.  I like that the authors had, like me, picked up those books about how to become a millonare – and just simply could not relate to them!  It made me feel so much better to discover I was not alone in this opinion and to find these two hip Vancouver lady entrepreneurs.  If you’re anything like me you’ll love the way they mock the good ol boy network and cheesy corporate jargon that takes the ‘you’ out of what you do!  Instead they offer a more sustainable, earn a good living and carve out your own lifestyle approach to building your business.  The  authors have their own web related businesses so write it from the perspective writing of starting a partnership, small corporation or LLC.  Stay at home moms (and dads) and young gen-Xers will really dig this…I feel good about recommending it now as our current economy woes are demanding that we re-create the way we look at business … TBOY offers not just a viable but a vital alternative to the rest of the *bigger, faster, more* that many of us have grown tired of.

Mar 28 09

Testing my Mettle

by lulu

So, some of you may have noticed that I’ve been a checked out as far as my blog is concerned. The last three months have been a bit scary for me.  I’ve been having all kinds of issues with my thyroid which resulted in a surgery at the beginning of January. Nothing bothers me more than the nether world of anesthesia!  My initial pathology results were inconclusive and then they found, gasp, cancer.
But never fear my cancer was qualified with a “it’s the good kind” statement.  And evidently after some further research… it is indeed the good kind. So whereas pancreatic cancer is on one end of the spectrum…this kind of thyroid cancer is on the other.

My thought?  Okay then can we just not call it cancer then?
I’ve had more doc appointments than the entirety of my life and looking at one more surgery and swallowing a radioactive pill before I can brush my hands together and be done… Please send your good vibes and quiet words my way….I need all the extra support I can get!

Just one more cut there and a few more drugs…then hopefully this bride of frankenstein will be all finished…

Mar 25 09

Family Currents

by lulu

Where do we all get our impetus to do our the various things we do?  For some us it starts when we were little or finding the right thing that led to another in college.  At least one hopes so.  And then for people like me there is a long, long family lineage.  Starting from my great great granny I’ve had some serious craftiness going on in my family.  I like to think I inherited those genes now as I look back upon my family tree.  For as long as I can remember I’ve had “restless hand syndrome”.  And a need to overwork the physical world when it comes to the things I love.  Even if I were to stop making jewelry today… there would need to be some new outlet for that restlessness…

My great great grandmother – Helena’s pine needle baskets… Florida.  This one is split wood.

My great grandmother – Odetta’s knit sweater, she could see a dress on t.v. and make it without a pattern….crochet anything too.  I inherited a ton of cool clothes that were at one time or another were ‘Odetta originals’….

My mom – Nancy’s hand-dyed wool hooked rugs…  There are at least a hundred in their home… lining the stairs and rolled up under the beds…  This one she made for my eldest daughter Georgia.  I love the 3 tooths saying…

My “fairy-god-mother”  Yes they really do make them! And mine is most fabulous…..hand made paper with woodblock prints… okay so she’s a fine artist and she’s not a blood relative but we can bend the rules just this once…

Dec 30 08

As I was sayin’

by lulu

I was psyched to see this a.m. that Boing Boing had posted a small blurb on the color “yellow being the new black“. I don’t usually jump up and down before 7 a.m.  but a little knee bending and celebrating was in order. Back in June of this year I had predicted that yellow would be the next big color. Anytime Pantone wants to give me a call I’d be happy to give them a 6 month edge on the next color…

Dec 22 08

Surreal Storm

by lulu

I had forgotten the stillness that comes with snow… but was really surprised last night how it’s blanket can change a city with a ton of white noise into quietude.
Made me wish I could be in Edison or Twisp Washington for just a couple hours – two of the best tiny towns in the state – to enjoy the quiet and check out the snow there.
Having a day, much less a week of snow that doesn’t melt here in Seattle is pretty unheard of.
Hard for even the lamest meteorologist to chalk it up to an El Nino… But global warming in all it’s extremes is very charming here today.

Dec 9 08

last show of the year

by lulu

Wow, are we really almost to the end of 2008?  How did Vivian get so big and Georgia so literate?  And how did I manage to make 50 pieces for my show that starts tomorrow morning?  Somehow… I did.  And I think there are some really great ornamental pendants in this group that might get you all in the mood for a glass of cheer and some holiday dreaming.  I know I’m ready to relax and look forward to 2009.  Also have been putting a lot of lead to paper lately to get out ideas for new designs.  The same way I did after Georgia was born.  Don’t get too excited yet!  It will take time…several months…from pencil…to paper…to computer…to model…to caster…to mold…to silver….and then back to me for assembly… soldering… cleaning… pouring… grinding.. edging… clear coating…

Dec 5 08

Beauty berry

by lulu

Inspiration for new design. Love the spradic growth of beauty berry from my garden. And the color is amazing too.

Dec 2 08

What to wear?

by lulu

It’s taken nearly six months to get somewhat back to my normal physical self after the birth of my second child…I’ve been eyeing some of the fabulous deconstructivist reconstrutivist things in etsy’s “ready to wear”.  After years of dressing pretty post grunge era chic, I’ve been feeling like dressin up more.  My hubby loves it when I wear anything with a bit of 1940’s retro to it.  And what’s great about etsy is that – if you do a little digging – there are plenty of modern things with a nod to the past.  I’m lovin all the American Apparel screenprinted tees on etsy to…but I guess that’s part of my most grunge era self too.  What can I say?  Part of the joy of being self employed is that you have absolutely no one you HAVE to shower for – so hanging out in your p.j’s is one of the perks.  What’s really in the back of my mind is holiday parties – would love to wear something fun and cool that also has a very handmade feel to it.  I’m on the hunt!

Nov 20 08

A Fond Farewell to Ms. Loertscher

by lulu

That’s pronounced Ler-CHur in case you are wondering.  Sarah, like my husband, has one of those uber-germanic last names.  And she has, for the last two years, replaced the extra work my husband had done the previous six.  She has stood by me and quietly dealt with pretty much everything except the  designing and pouring of my work. Having an able assitant during a tumultuous time including pregnancy, playdates, doctor’s appointments and my desire to mess with as little toxic stuff as possible, has been a great thing. I’ve had many assistants here at the studio – but none who had to take on as many responsibilties as Sarah.  And through these first few months of having a new babe around, she cooed at Vivian as I took the phone or she took the calls herself.  All of you in the metals scene know her by her amazing structured work and her fiery red hair.  Her work is soon to be seen at the best indie shows and already at some of the best art jewelry galleries nationally and internationally. If you happen to live in Seattle, check out her work at Kobo Higo this month — the show opens tomorrow night with a reception!

Thanks ever so much, Sarah, and good luck!

Nov 6 08

Winter Arsenal

by lulu

Everyone has there own way of fighting off the winter blue greys here in the NW.  Almost every house I know has at least one yellow room or if your more like me you go for the more gastronomic remedy.
My stash includes to following necessities.

A cuppa Sumatra, lots of Chocolate and Temari Almonds.